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Clean Talk is an antispam plugin for website owners and designers. Website owners who run websites that allow comments face a major problem: spambots tend to flood comments sections, filling them with ads and irritating regular visitors. Some websites use captchas and other tools to filter out spambots, but this also annoys visitors who just want to leave comments without having to jump through hoops.

Clean Talk: Killing Spam Has Never Been More Effective!

Clean Talk is the solution to this problem. It can scan every incoming comment automatically using cloud-based analytics, decide whether the comment is coming from a visitor or a spambot, and then either block or allow the comment.


Clean Talk is a universal plugin. It works on a huge variety of platforms and languages and is suitable for virtually all forms. The plugin is very easy to install. After downloading and installing the plugin, the user simply sets up an account and adds the website to their account. Any website can take advantage of Clean Talk to filter out comments from spambots. All you need is PHP5 and outgoing requests enabled for port TCP/80. After that, the plugin does all the work.

Clean Talk: Killing Spam Has Never Been More Effective!


Clean Talk’s cloud-based tools for classifying comments are getting better all the time. This is because they learn from each comment they see. Users can manually flag comments if they feel the filter got them wrong. Accumulating flags both from the manual response of users and the automatic classifications system lets Clean Talk build up information about every commenter in its database. The information that Clean Talk obtains is crucial for deciding on final classifications for each commenter. One comment is not enough to fully classify a commenter.

Clean Talk uses all available information to find spambots by their email address and IP address. It collects and publishes lists of every spambot it finds, so that everyone can see how effective it is at nabbing spammers. You can trust Clean Talk to accurately and reliably classify comments as coming from regular visitors or spambots. This is a highly effective tool that can noticeably improve the experience of your readers- they won’t have to see annoying spam comments, and they will not need to fill out captchas or overcome other obstacles before posting.



One of the biggest advantages of Clean Talk is that it is fully transparent. It is easy to pull up the plugin’s statistics and logs and see what Clean Talk has been doing for you. There is even a mobile app that allows you to view stats and logs. This transparency also lets you manually override the Clean Talk classification of any given comment- you can tell it that you think something it let through was spam, or that something it blocked was not spam. This information makes its way to Clean Talk’s database of spammers- enough manual feedback will affect an IP address’s classification.


Clean Talk is a subscription service with a 14 day free trial. At any time, the user can sign up for a paid subscription. Spam protection for one website for one year costs $8. The cost for an annual subscription protecting 3 websites is $16. Five websites cost $24. Ten websites cost $46. For 30 dollars a month, the user will get unlimited protection and up to 3,000 legitimate checks per day.


Clean Talk provides the user with a lot of access to statistics through the antispam control panel. It’s easy to download the stats or export them to a CSV file, view them in a variety of ways, filter results, and analyze Clean Talk’s work. It is also possible to set special controls for Clean Talk. For example, you can set stop words: any message that contains one of your stop words will be automatically held for manual classification. You can build some nice graphs about spam attacks on your website and easily share them over social media. You can allow Clean Talk to scan your website’s comments and deduce if new comments are off topic.


We recommend Clean Talk for administrators and website owners who want to clear out spam from their comments sections without needing to add captchas and other gimmicks. This tool is especially useful for bloggers, who will face a lot of comments and therefore a lot of spam attacks. The pricing is quite good for all of the analytical tools that you get and the powerful spam blocking functionality. The interface is easy to use and informative about many different statistics about spam attacks. You can use the right Clean Talk subscription for your needs. For example, someone who just has a few blogs pays $16 a year for protection that covers three websites. That’s the price of a few days’ worth of coffee. The extra tools that let you take manual control over what Clean Talk does are excellent.

Every website and audience is a little bit different, so while Clean Talk’s automatic tools perform extremely well, it is good to know that you have the option of manual classification if you want to use it. The technical support staff are very good as well. They frequently respond to emails in under 12 hours. The user experience for Clean Talk is as smooth and seamless as the plugin itself. Clean Talk is a big benefit for a low cost. If you currently use captchas or something like them to filter out spam bots, then consider switching to Clean Talk. For just a little money, you can take care of spam and avoid annoying legitimate visitors. Your visitors will thank you for that.

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