5 Libraries to Generate Excel File with PHP
PHP to Excel

Microsoft Excel is still the most widely used data analysis, report generation tool. If you have ever worked on any enterprise application, you must have got across the requirement of having excel export facility for various reports available in your application. Today, we will look at various options available to PHP developers for exporting data […]

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Monitoring Data Usage on a Network
TP-Link AC-1750 Router

How much bandwidth and data are the devices on your network using? Bandwidth hogs can slow down your entire network, and per-device data usage is important if your Internet service provider imposes a bandwidth cap. Unfortunately, it’s tough to get a complete picture of your bandwidth and data usage on a normal home network. Your best […]

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SEOptimize site for multiple languages
Location Aware Content Delivery

Every once in a while, a major shift happens in the SEO’s tectonic crust. In January, no one seemed to notice the tremor, but there was a change in the foundation of international SEO best practices when Google improved the way Googlebot looks at how content changes based on location (IP) or a user’s preferred […]

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5 Misconceptions about Link Building
Link Building for SEO

Link building has been one of the most consistent and reliable strategies for improving search rankings since the beginning of the SEO industry. Correlation studies have consistently shown strong correlations between the quantity and quality of inbound links and search rankings. Of course, years ago there were far fewer rules and far fewer Google penalties […]

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Is Morning the best time to be Creative?

Since childhood I always had a habit of getting up early and going to bed early as well. I had a healthier lifestyle and my night owl friends were envy of me. As I went into the profession of a designer, this habit has helped me more than anything else to be more creative and […]

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How to build links in Person?

The important thing to remember when you’re trying to attract links—real, powerful, high-quality, authoritative links—is that behind each of those links is a person. The kinds of links that Google wants you to build are the kinds of links that you get when a real live person decides to share or link to your content. […]

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8 Tools to help Develop Efficiency

There are many useful tools available on the market today that have been created to improve a developer’s workflow and make development easier. So if you are serious about a career in development, you should learn the new ways to develop  efficiency (see what I did there?). Whether they are free or require a fee, […]

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Google Trends Go Real-Time

One of the hottest new categories of software development revolves around virality prediction. That is, determining what stories and social media trends are about to go viral. On Wednesday, Google tossed its hat into the ring by expanding Google Trends and introducing real-time trend information — a tool that could change the way researchers and […]

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Why Quality matters to Google and You

Every content marketing professional has something to say about “quality”. The word has become so used – or overused – that we’ve forgotten what it is, or even why it’s important. I think we need to press the reset button on the quality discussion. Why? Because many content marketers: Mistake what quality is Focus on […]

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Add autocomplete to your input tag

“Awesomplete” is a light weight autocomplete widget that’s customizable, flexible and simply easy to use. To put it simply, it provides an option to autocomplete the terms being entered in an html <input> tag with predefined options with data- attributes. You can choose to include the js file but it’s not required. Then simply include the […]

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