Control your Web Apps with your Smartphone

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The smartness of the smartphone is limited only to your imagination and to push the boundaries further YCHacks released a javascript webapp that allows interacting with the webapp from your smartphone.

Nunchuck.js is a library for mobile web-based control of browser applications. It’s easy multi-device data synchronization through the browser. They provide a library that easily allows developers to integrate mobile browser controls into desktop browser-based javascript games with very few (<15) lines of code.nunchuck-plane-game

Nunchuck uses unique ID’s to create instances and usernames to allow entering the instance by multiple users. Their Plane game is a good example to test it out although it didn’t work well for us in our testing. This is a first step in a whole other area of javascript realm you can explore. The applications are not just limited to simple 2D games.

How can you use a mobile-web synchronization? Leave your interesting ideas below.

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