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Location Aware Content Delivery

Every once in a while, a major shift happens in the SEO’s tectonic crust. In January, no one seemed to notice the tremor, but there was a change in the foundation of international SEO best practices when Google improved the way Googlebot looks at how content changes based on location (IP) or a user’s preferred […]

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5 Misconceptions about Link Building
Link Building for SEO

Link building has been one of the most consistent and reliable strategies for improving search rankings since the beginning of the SEO industry. Correlation studies have consistently shown strong correlations between the quantity and quality of inbound links and search rankings. Of course, years ago there were far fewer rules and far fewer Google penalties […]

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How to build links in Person?

The important thing to remember when you’re trying to attract links—real, powerful, high-quality, authoritative links—is that behind each of those links is a person. The kinds of links that Google wants you to build are the kinds of links that you get when a real live person decides to share or link to your content. […]

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Why Quality matters to Google and You

Every content marketing professional has something to say about “quality”. The word has become so used – or overused – that we’ve forgotten what it is, or even why it’s important. I think we need to press the reset button on the quality discussion. Why? Because many content marketers: Mistake what quality is Focus on […]

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Power Tools of Bing Ads Insights

In sports, politics and business, you’re only as good as who you surround yourself with. But when it comes to strategy, you’re only as good as what you know — and having the right tools to keep you informed can mean the difference between great campaign performance and mediocre results. With that in mind, I […]

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Are Narrative Forms better?

Ever had fun filling out a credit card application? Ever looked forward to doing paperwork for your bank or insurance company? Perhaps you’ve spent time delighting over the simple joy of entering your details into tiny boxes, and relish every opportunity to exercise your penmanship on their finely-crafted documents? Presumably not in this reality. Why […]

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Content Writing like a Pro

Michael Scott, Ron Swanson and Donald Trump all have something in common besides their nice haircuts and good looks — they’re boss at being the boss. When it comes to the world of content writing, there’s so much competition. There will always be better blogs, better products and, yes, even bosses with better mustaches than Swanson’s. […]

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How Local SEO is more about Monitoring Online Reputation

Local SEO earlier was no less but a trend that involved usual SEO practices and aggressive link submissions. Directory submissions, social bookmarking, link based content marketing, keyword rich & location based page creation were the regular practices for getting higher rankings in local search. Things changed with regular changes that Google kept putting forth in […]

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