Add autocomplete to your input tag

“Awesomplete” is a light weight autocomplete widget that’s customizable, flexible and simply easy to use. To put it simply, it provides an option to autocomplete the terms being entered in an html <input> tag with predefined options with data- attributes. You can choose to include the js file but it’s not required. Then simply include the […]

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Designer Desktop Wallpapers: April

Web designers and developers need inspiration to make inspirational content and they might find it anywhere around them. Spring is right around the corner and you might find it interesting to have some creativity on your desktop. Note: These artworks are created by several designers from all over the world that submitted their work to […]

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12 Most Innovative Print Ads of 2014
12 Most Innovative print Ads

Print ads were once the standard format for creative advertising. But as more and more advertising dollars are allocated to digital outlets, print advertising is seen as an expensive, untrackable, traditional media format. You would think the category is void of innovative ideas, but that’s certainly not the case. In fact, many brands are finding new […]

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Compromising Performance for a Readable Code?

A lot of commonly-accepted abbreviations exist only because a critical mass of people use them. We understand what “btn” means because we’ve seen it before, not because it’s a clear shortening of “button.” Is the loss of clarity outweighed by the benefits of a shorter class name? In an era where most text editors provide autocompletion, […]

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15 Resources for Front-End Devs

We’re well into 2015 and I’m sure you’re feeling one of two ways right about now: Really overwhelmed at how much there is to learn in this industry, or Hungry for more and can’t wait for some new ideas for what to learn next. Okay, I suppose it might be a combination of the two […]

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7 Tools to Test your Website on Mobile Devices

Smartphones and other handheld devices contribute substantially to the overall viewership of any website. Latest estimates show that it won’t be long before the mobile internet users are slated to have more stake in the website usage from their desktop and laptop counterparts. In such a scenario it would be a cardinal sin to ignore […]

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