Evaluate your campaign with AdWords features you didn’t know existed.

1. Find your competitors

Now, it’s too easy to lift your business up by finding your competitors in AdWords new feature. With this feature, you can compare your performance with other advertisers ahead from you by checking their keyword level, ad level and campaign level. AdWords Auction Insights Report help you to do so.

Follow these steps to find your Auction Insight report
STEP 1:  Log in to your AdWords account
STEP 2:  Select the ad, ad group or keyword you would like to view this report for
STEP 3:  Click on Details tab next to Edit and bid strategy
STEP 4:  Click on selected under auction report
STEP 5:  Finally, your Auction Insights report is displayed


The Auction report provides 6 different statistics for your Search Campaigns: impression share, average position, overlap rate, position above rate, top of page rate, and outranking share.
The Auction report provides 3 different statistics for your Shopping Campaigns: impression share, overlap rate, and outranking share.
With all this information, you can increase your ad campaign performance by making strategic decisions about your bidding and budgeting choices.

2.  Call-only campaigns

Yes, AdWords feature “Call-only campaigns” gives hike your business. This campaign reaches potential customers by prominently viewing your business description, phone number, and a “Call Now” button.
This feature is specially designed to only show on mobile devices, this means with every click on “Call Button” you get new customers or more business. Bidding strategies for calls make this campaign more effective, you can easily plan a bidding strategy cost based on your precisely on your CPA goals for a call.


In desktop PPC advertising you pay for the clicks that divert users to landing page. Problem is that you are likely to get only about 4 to 5 % of these landing page visits into lead.
On the other hand, “Call only” campaigns you get more then 90% call to lead conversions. By “Call Only” campaign you reach clients when they are actively searching and ready to make purchase.

3. Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are best to make your Ad stand. It helps you add a personal as well as relevant touch to your ads by showing extra information about your business. Some ad extensions can be added manually and others are automated.


The two main benefits:
1. Helps in improving visibility of your Ads.
2. Give more value to your Ads & you get improved click through rate (CTR).

There are about 11 different manual and automated ad extensions below we are briefly describing some most used ad extensions.
Sitelink extensions – Allows you to add links from your website to help people find what they are searching for.
Call extensions – Allows searchers the ability to click a number to call your business.
Callout extensions – Allows you to add extra ad copy so you can tell searchers what sets you apart from the competition.
Location extensions – Allows searchers nearby to find your location or give you a call (map pin, navigation assistance, or call option).
Review extensions – Allows you to showcase reviews from reputable sources.
App extensions – Allows searchers to click a link that sends them to the app store to download your app.
Structured Snippets – Allows you to add descriptive text to learn more about a product/ service.

4. Get your overall quality score

Quality scores have massive impact over the cost and efficiency of your paid search engines. Quality score is Google rating of the quality and relevance of keyword and PPC ads. According to that Quality score Google calculated numbers that determines your Ad Rank and CPC (Cost Per Click).
Keyword Level quality is most important because it is displayed in AdWords accounts. This is calculated when a user search a query related to keywords listed in your AdWords account.


Your ad quality score depends on multiple factors:
Click-through rate (CTR)
Keyword relevancy
The relevance of your text ad
Landing page quality
Your historical AdWords account performance

After analysis, lots of PPC accounts, we come to a point by optimizing Quality Scores you can set your business up for higher return on investment (ROI).
Now, you can view your Account Level Quality Score, by follow the steps in this article.

5. Ad Customizer

AdWords add this feature with real-time updates. Now, you can customize you Ads with the device to device, location to location, time of day, or even the day. Need to show different text in different locations, want to show different discount offers prices according to locations, you can also insert a price, the time left before a sale ends.


Benefits of using Ad Customizer
1. Tailored messaging
2. Time-Sensitive calls to action
3. Scalability
4. Reporting

How Ad Customizers work
Actually, Ad customizer is parameters that are added within braces {parameters}. Dynamic text gets replaced by these parameters when your Ad’s trigged by a user’s search in the different location or with different timings.
Ad customizer data: You need to add a spreadsheet file in AdWords. This spreadsheet contains data (data set, as well as an attribute) you need to change dynamically in the customizer. Find more information on Ad Customizers by click here.

6. Promote App Downloads Directly

With this AdWords feature, you can promote your app with campaigns to drive downloads. Today’s generations are more active on mobile or tablets, mobile app installs campaigns made easy to install apps on mobiles where Ad take people straight to the app store to download your app.


These campaigns are specially based on the mobile operating system, where AdWords can find your most relevant customers and mostly focus on those customers who not downloaded your app yet. By connecting with your Google Play Developer, you can easily sync user listings and targeting.

Two different Campaigns are available
1. Universal app campaign
2. Mobile app installs campaign

7. AdWords Editor

Now, you can download an application called “AdWords Editor” for managing your AdWords advertising campaigns. You can make changes offline and can upload the changes on AdWords. This application is extremely helpful in saving time and money if want to one or more accounts. AdWords Editor will be more helpful if you handle multiple campaigns with the long list of keywords in the single account.


Advantages using AdWords Editor
1. You can work offline as well
2. You can do multiple changes quickly
3. Bulk editing tools
4. Handle multiple accounts at the same time
5. Easily delete or add items in Ad group and campaigns
6. View statistics
7. Safe changes in draft before uploading

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