There are many useful tools available on the market today that have been created to improve a developer’s workflow and make development easier. So if you are serious about a career in development, you should learn the new ways to develop  efficiency (see what I did there?). Whether they are free or require a fee, it is best to give each of them a try to find out which tools suit you the best.



If you are feeling creative and thinking about designing a mobile application, consider trying out the GoodBarber platform. It is the perfect choice for non developers, thanks to its simple software which lets you make an app from A to Z in record time. It has lots of features regarding the design, one of them being the ability to shape your app to perfection by customizing and perfecting every last detail.

They have a friendly team, available to you from Monday to Friday, between 9 am and 6 pm, willing to give you a hand with any questions you have along the way.



uCoz represents the most advanced website builder platform available on the market, giving you complete code access and many other complex features. So, it is perfect for technical business people wanting to have full control of their site personalization.

Top websites, including Super Website Builders, are rating uCoz as the best website builder.


Team Desk

Make the best of your company by choosing the right software for project management, which is represented by TeamDesk. It helps you build your own database that would be handy in your future company’s routine work, improving the relationship between you and your team.

It is ideal for individual entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, but also for large corporate departments. The system consists of two modes: User mode and Setup mode, which you can alternate to see the made changes. If you need help, you are provided with expert support from their team.



With the traditional WordPress themes, let’s say you want to modify the header and post layout, you would have to either modify the PHP templates or create a child theme. This free open source framework, Flow by Themify, lets you create/modify templates on the frontend without creating any child theme or editing any PHP file.

What makes Flow theme different is that you can customize the header, sidebar, footer, styling, and templates by yourself using frontend drag & drop tools. No CSS or PHP coding skills required.



Usersnap is probably the best tool for giving and receiving feedback about your website from your users. It allows them to take browser screenshots, in order to share what kind of web issues they have found, in a really simple manner, providing some easy-to-use tools. Then, you can discuss together about the problems, so that you can finally find solutions for them.

It has a feedback widget that you can install and make your job a lot more easier, because it emphasises the communication between you and your users. It also has the feature of seamless integrations, which, in case you are already using a bug tracking tool, adds all the extra options to your tool. Besides this, they have a client-side JavaScript error recording that gives you visual bug reports. I let you discover all the other special features by inviting you to visit their site and try out the tool.



Codelobster is a a free portable IDE for PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript development. By using it, there’s no need for you to remember the names of the functions, arguments or their attributes, as you are given all of these along with many features for PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

In addition, you can get extra support and information only by pressing F1 or using the Help control.



PowerPoint’s toolkit, PowerMockup, helps you create and add wireframes, mockups, shapes and icons to your PowerPoint presentations, but the good news is that it works on mobile applications too.

It is simple to use and has a vast library of shapes but if you’re feeling creative you can also add your own shapes that you can share with others.


Shrink The Web

You may one day have the need to show website screenshots in your web design or application. If so, you may use keyboard commands or browser plugins, but if you have to handle lots of them; you could use a website screenshot service, like ShrinkTheWeb, to handle the task.

Which tools have you been using to improve your workflow, development and project?

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